iPod Touch 3G (8 GB) LCD Screen Replacement

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Do you have a iPod Touch 3G 8GB that has a damaged or non-functional LCD screen? The inner LCD on you iPod Touch 3rd Gen 8GB is different from the 32GB & 64GB versions, as it technically is for the iPod Touch 2nd Generation. The LCD screens themselves may appear to be identical, however, if the 32GB/64GB LCD is used on the iPod Touch 3G 8GB it will display only a white screen. So if you have damaged your LCD screen on your 8GB, purchasing this replacement LCD screen will resolve all the common display issues listed below. 

This iPod Touch 3G (8GB) LCD Screen Replacement Fixes:
Common issues with your inner display including: dead pixels, LCD bleeding, inky black spots, discoloration, horizontal / vertical lines, etc.

Our available DIY kit includes the following tools:

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