iPhone 7 Loudspeaker Replacement

iPhone 7 Loudspeaker
  • iPhone 7 Loudspeaker
  • iPhone 7 Loudspeaker
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This is the brand new iPhone 7 Loudspeaker Replacement. Problems most suited for this replacement include not being able to use your speakerphone during calls or being able to use your audio output. Purchase this replacement along with our available toolkit and you’ll have your phone fully functional in no time!

With the toolkit available to purchase with this replacement, you’ll have your loudspeaker repaired with ease and quickness. The kit includes the necessary screwdrivers/pry tools to help repair the smaller parts as well as some for larger replacements, like screens. Of course, there are tools included in the kit for the further in depth you get with repairs. So any DIY repair that may come up, this toolkit is going to be your go-to! Purchase today with your replacement and make Strive Mobile your one stop shop for repair products and tools!


  • Apple iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 A1660
  • iPhone 7 A1778
  • iPhone 7 A1779 (Japan)


  • High quality iPhone 7 Loudspeaker
  • Will fix any issues with the speakerphone or audio output
  • Fully tested large speaker replacement for the iPhone 7
  • Free Pry Tool
  • Brand new