iPhone 6s Plus Glass Lens Screen Replacement - White

white iPhone 6s Plus Glass Lens Screen Replacement
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The iPhone 6s Plus Glass Lens Screen Replacement in White is now available. This part is commonly used to repair a broken or scratched top glass.  Instead of purchasing a completely new iPhone 6s Plus, it is much more affordable to replace the damaged lens.  Very careful installation is highly recommended.  You require the iPhone 6s Plus OCA to bond your old LCD screen and new glass lens.  Your screen will not perform accurately if you do not use the correct adhesive.  Please note that this is only the outer glass and does not have any touch digitizer functionality.  If the image on your iPhone 6s Plus is distorted you will need a screen that includes the LCD instead. 

This is the outer glass only and does not have touch digitizer capabilities.  Very careful installation is highly recommended.  If you are not a professional, we advise you purchase the full iPhone 6s Plus LCD & Touch Screen Assembly.

Available as a DIY Kit.  Included are all the tools you require for a successful repair and maintenance of your smart phone or tablet.

Our DIY Kit Includes:  

Compatible with:

  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus


  • High quality White Glass Lens Screen for an iPhone 6s Plus
  • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on front
  • High strength optically clear glass
  • Highly experienced installation required
  • Fast Shipping (same day on order placed by 4pm PST)


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Note: The glass lens-only replacement part for the iPhone 6s Plus is only intended to be purchased by those with repair experience who can safely separate the glass lens from the LCD.  Unless you, or someone you know, is experienced in separating fused screens, do not attempt to separate the touch screen from the LCD screen on your device. You will likely cause more damage to your phone, increasing your repair costs.